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Stirring Things Up
January 12, 2009, 9:24 pm
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Jacob stirs the noodles
Jacob stirs the noodles

Some of you know that I require each of my boys to plan and execute one meal per week, with me acting as sous chef. I have found that this greatly reduces the “yuck-what-is-this?” factor and also encourages them to try new things. It’s amazing what they’ll try just because they’ve cooked it instead of me.

Tonight Jacob chose Rachel Ray’s Honey, Ginger & Sesame Cold Noodles. I have to admit, even I was a little unsure about how this one would taste. It turned out to be fabulous! Daddy and Peter went to Cub Scouts tonight, so it was just Jacob and me. We both really liked the recipe. We filled our bowls and grabbed our chopsticks (prompting Jacob to comment, “Hey, it’s like we’re Chinese!”) and did something we rarely do — watched TV while we ate. But Superstars of Dance was on, and we’re hooked on that show, so we slurped our noodles and watched the dancing. I so rarely get time alone with one of the boys, so getting to cook a new recipe with Jacob made it a fun night!


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What a wonderful idea. I’d love to try that with my boys. Thanks for sharing this special moment.

Comment by Angela Hughes

You need to post that recipe…sounds like a winner…still love that idea of having the kids cook once a week. Need to implement that!

Comment by Shannon Bloesch

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