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My Favorite….Pen
January 28, 2009, 11:05 pm
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January 28I thought it might be fun to periodically take pictures of my favorite things (cue the “Sound of Music” soundtrack here…). This is my absolute favorite pen. Peter made it for me for Mother’s Day last year. It is just a Bic with a big silk flower wrapped on it with floral tape, but he was so proud of it, and made such a cute card to go along with it, that it has special meaning for me. And I’m such a girlie-girl — who couldn’t love this pen with a huge flower on it? If I need something to write with, this is the pen I’ll look for first and will use another one only if this one cannot readily be found.


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I love it! What a sweet boy! Boys are so loving to their mommies – Jordan just wants to butt heads with me 🙂

Comment by Jane Ann Miller

Seriously how could you possibly misplace that Adorable HUGE pen? GRIN Shannon

Comment by Shannon Bloesch

Have you seen my kitchen counter?

Comment by Shayne

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