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Guess What Time It Is?
February 16, 2009, 8:33 pm
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February 16It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time, of course! We’ve gotten one delivery and are waiting on 2 more.

As a former Girl Scout, I find it impossible to say no when a Girl Scout asks me to buy cookies. My goal every year was to sell 200 boxes so I could get the James Avery silver charm. Come to think of it, I should find out where those charms are (probably still in a jewelry box at my parents’ house) and put them on my charm bracelet!

Anyway, I digress. Here are two of my favorite cookies — Caramel DeLites (Samoas, to us “old school” girls) and Thin Mints. Pour me a glass of milk!

As an aside, most days I take a bunch of pictures and choose the best one. I had a busy day today and literally got home about 20 minutes ago. This was the one and only shot I took today!


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They are still Samoas here!!

Comment by Dawn

Really? I think it depends on the bakery. For a while, there were some Girl Scouts here selling Samoas and others selling Caramel DeLites, but I haven’t seen Samoas in a couple of years. How odd!

Comment by Shayne

Well, what a great shot…I may have to steal from you! Jordan is a Junior Girl Scout, and we have bags of cookies sitting here, waiting to be delivered. Have fun eating!

Comment by jandbmommy

Steal away! I literally walked in the door and looked around for something to take a picture of at 8:00 at night. These were on the counter, so I thought that was as good as anything!

Comment by Shayne

Green with jealousy!

Since Aidan ceased the whole Girl Scout train, we have been cookieless this time of year. Nobody comes to our door. Sometimes, girls have booths outside grocery stores, but I haven’t seen any this year. Boo.

Comment by gretchen from lifenut

If I didn’t think they’d be crumbs by the time they got there, I’d absolutely send you some. No one needs 9 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, especially no one who’s trying to watch what she eats!

Comment by Shayne

I love your favorite Girl Scout! 🙂

Comment by Shannon Bloesch

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