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February 19, 2009, 8:50 pm
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February 19One of the things that I love about Houston (that a lot of others actually dislike) is the fact that there is no zoning. It leads to an odd mixture of buildings together — a skyscraper just across the street from a residential area, a cute church nestled among office buildings — but I think this gives the city character.

On my way to work, I pass by one of those oddities. As I drive down a 4-lane, divided road, just after I cross over a double railroad track and across the street from an office warehouse complex and a stone supplier, is a big open field surrounded by barbed wire. The larger trees are winter bare, but some of the smaller trees and shrubs are still green. And there, in the middle of it all, is a grazing herd of longhorn cattle.

I’m intrigued to find these longhorns grazing out in the ‘burbs. I love to look at them each time I pass by. This morning, I told myself that if the longhorn were there today (some days they are not), I would stop and take some pictures. They were there and traffic happened to be light enough at that moment for me to make a quick lane change and left turn into the parking lot of the office warehouse complex across the street. I got my camera ready and crossed the street to take the pictures. Standing there in the damp grass in my business suit snapping photos with my camera with its telephoto lens, I must have been quite a sight for the passing drivers!

This cow, in particular, seemed to take notice of me. The others continued to doze or graze or do whatever they were doing, facing away from the street. But this guy stood there still as a statue, almost like he was posing. When I walked around to change vantage points, he seemed to follow me with his head. I’m sure he was wondering about the crazy lady pointing the big black round thing at him!


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LOVE this picture! Great shot. I would be disowned around these parts for admitting that! 🙂 Gig ’em!

Comment by jandbmommy

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