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Vernal Equinox
March 20, 2009, 6:32 pm
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March 20Today is officially the first day of spring! Hooray!!

In thinking over my Project 365, I thought it would be neat to take a picture of our front yard on each of the solstices and equinoxes (is that a word?) to see the change in the seasons. But then I remembered that on the vernal equinox, you can stand an egg upside down in a pile of salt, and the egg won’t fall down. I can’t remember the scientific reason behind this, but it’s true.*

So when we got home this evening, we did it (Hubby called it “Mom’s Mr. Wizard Moment”). My guest photographer today was Jacob. I actually took a bunch of shots of this after I took the camera from him, but something about his perspective was much more appealing (even though the camera was a bit crooked), and his picture didn’t have all the funky shadows that the egg cast on the countertop because he was too short to get above it.

*Update: So, I went online tonight to find out the reason behind this and it turns out that the news media has been perpetrating an urban legend for at least the last 30 or so years since I first heard about this as a kid. I even heard something about it on the radio this morning! I tried the experiment again without the pile of salt (apparently I remembered that part wrong), using only a few grains, and got the egg to stand on either end. Apparently this can and will happen any day of the year. I’m crushed! But it was still fun to share this trick with the kids.


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