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Lord of the Apple Rings
March 30, 2009, 7:20 pm
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March 30Tonight was Peter’s night to cook. For several weeks, he has been wanting to cook a recipe called “Lord of the Apple Rings.” But negligent Mommy couldn’t ever seem to get all of the right ingredients into the house at the same time. Until today.

As part of the process, we had to core and slice a Granny Smith apple. It was the first time he had ever cored an apple, and he thought it was pretty cool. Then I remembered an idea I had seen my friend Gretchen’s photo blog, Snap Cake (see Blogroll at left), where she took a photo of her daughter through the center of a ring toy. So, here is Peter, as seen through the center of a Granny Smith apple (he is holding up the apple core, still in the corer).

The recipe, by the way, did not make the repeat play list. It was apple rings, brushed with butter, and topped with a meatball made of breadcrumbs, spinach and chicken apple sausage and dusted with cinnamon. Not really a taste sensation.


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You are awesome! What a great idea…fantastic picture!

Comment by Jane Ann

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