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My Favorite…TV Show
April 3, 2009, 7:50 am
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April 2It’s hard for me to really pick a favorite TV show. I don’t watch much TV on my own. But Hubby does. He follows a lot of shows. Most of them, I’ll drift in and out of. But one that I’ll always stop what I’m doing so I can watch with rapt attention is Burn Notice. It’s on USA Network.

It’s about Michael Weston, a spy who has been “burned.” In other words, the CIA has blacklisted him and he’s now stuck in Miami with his “trigger-happy ex-girlfriend” Fiona and his “buddy who used to inform on him to the FBI” Sam (played excellently by Bruce Campbell). The premise of the show is that Michael is trying to find out who burned him. But, of course, along the way, there are plenty of folks in Miami who, whether they knew it or not, seem to need the services of someone with a spy’s skill set to help them out of whatever jam they find themselves in.

The new season doesn’t start for a few more months, but it still comes on USA every Thursday night at 10:00 Central. Check it out!


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“Burn Notice” is one of Lee’s favorite shows, too. I suspect he watches a lot of the same shows as your hubby. One word: Cylon.

Comment by gretchen from lifenut

You hit the nail on the head!

Comment by Shayne

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