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Mother’s Day Tea
May 9, 2009, 7:33 pm
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May 8As you saw from my invitation the other day, the 1st grade class at Peter’s school hosted a Mother’s Day Tea on Friday. I arrived promptly at 1:15, as instructed. Peter came out into the hall to escort me to my seat (at his desk). The desks were arranged in a U-shape. The moms sat at the desks, and the kids sat in front of their moms on the floor.

On the desk was a placemat he had made and some “flowers” made from cookies and gumdrops. He presented me with a crown he had made from paper and decorated himself. One by one, each child escorted his or her mother to a chair in the center of the room and read a story about his or her mom. Peter went first. Some of the highlights were “I think my mom looks funny when she puts on her scuba diving gear” and “My mom’s favorite food is steak, 6 or 8 oz., and salad.” Everyone laughed that he had gotten so specific on the size of the steak. What he wrote was very sweet and brought tears to my eyes. Then he escorted me back to my seat, and we listened to all of his classmates talk about their moms. It was just so adorable.

When the stories were over, the children lined up and went to a table in front of the teacher’s desk. Each child assembled a strawberry shortcake for his or her mom and brought a cup of iced tea. The kids drank Capri Sun. Here is Peter bringing me my strawberry shortcake.

You can see that he got dressed up for the occasion. The teacher had told them on Thursday that they could dress up if they wanted to. He usually doesn’t like dressing up, and I thought he’d wear a polo shirt and jeans at best. I was surprised when he said he wanted to wear a tie! He was a little concerned about recess, so he decided he would just “sit under the pavilion and talk to whoever comes to sit” with him so he wouldn’t mess up his clothes. He wanted me to wear this red evening gown that he really likes, but I told him that wouldn’t be appropriate unless he was in a tuxedo. So we compromised on the orange linen dress I wore for Easter. Most of the little girls wore nice dresses, but I was proud to see he was the only boy who had gotten dressed up. We had such a lovely time together, just the two of us.


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