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The Great Wall of Chicken Lettuce Wraps
July 28, 2009, 8:57 pm
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July 28If you walked into my house right now with a blind fold on, you would not guess you were in my home. Instead, you would probably think that you had been kidnapped and taken to a Chinese restaurant. It smells delicious in here (it’s almost cruel, given that I can’t eat!).

A few weeks ago, I found this cookbook and bought it for the boys. I like it because it is well organized and has little culture tidbits–tonight we learned that the Great Wall of China is over 4000 miles long–and even the Chinese words for the basic ingredients and cooking tools. They also have Italian and Mexican cookbooks in the same style.

For tonight’s dinner, Peter decided to make The Great Wall of Chicken Lettuce Wraps. P.F. Chang’s has nothing on us! They came out wonderfully. I admit to sneaking a teensy weensy piece of chicken just so I could taste the flavor — yummy! Jacob was a little unsure about the lettuce wrap until I described it as a “Chinese taco.” That made it somehow more appealing. Because there was a lot of cutting to be done (my job) and because I was teaching Peter along the way (“This is a head of garlic; it is made up of smaller cloves. We need to peel the skin back to get to the cloves…”), prep took a while. But once we got to the cooking part, it went fast.

If the lettuce wraps are unappealing to you or just too messy/difficult, this would also be delicious over a bed of rice. Enjoy!


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