Shayne’s Project 365

About Me

My name is Shayne. I live in suburban Houston with my husband and two children, Peter (7) and Jacob (5). I work outside the home and am active in community service and church, so our lives are pretty busy.

Despite the busy-ness, I have committed myself to taking at least one picture per day every day in 2009. I first heard about the “Project 365” idea last summer. I started on July 1, 2008. But mid-September brought Hurricane Ike. We evacuated our home for 5 days. Upon our return, we had to deal with cleaning up, filing insurance claims, kids out of school for 2 weeks, and generally trying to get our lives back to normal. While I realize in retrospect this would have made for some interesting photos, life just got in the way and sidetracked my photo project.

Outside of my family and community activities, scrapbooking is my passion. When a friend e-mailed me to say that Creating Keepsakes was selling a Project 365 scrapbook kit, I knew I had to start this project anew in 2009. In addition to just posting the photos (I had maintained a Flickr site when I started this last year), I thought it would be fun to write a bit about the stories behind the photos. I hope you enjoy it!


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